The past year has prompted many people to refresh their home's interiors. Scrolling through social media has piqued their interest and made them yearn for the minimal farmhouse style of decorating.

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Here are 4 Easy Ways to Achieve that Look

1-Paint the Walls, Ceiling, and Trim in a “White”

I know this sounds simple enough, but which “White”? Benjamin Moore has 155 whites more than most paint manufacturers. Each one has a drop of something in it, whether yellow, gray, or green, to go in a direction all its own.

In other words, the undertone of a color will be revealed based on the lighting in the space. …

A Simple Question to Gain Access into Your Clients’ Head

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I am a Color Consultant creating color plans for the interior and exterior of homes. This past pandemic year has brought my online business to the forefront. I am receiving requests from all over the country for updating clients’ exteriors.

I have been doing this for over 20 years, previously all of my consults were onsite before the shutdown occurred. …

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When I look back to last year at this time, things looked pretty bleak. We were told that maybe things would get back to normal by July 4th, and that didn't happen. As most people can attest our lives have been changed forever.

A positive development for myself that resulted from the pandemic has been my virtual color and design consultations have ramped up. And recently I completed a project in the 11th state in the United States.

I hadn’t really considered this amount of influx back then, but I am really enjoying the process. It’s like with every project…

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This one has been swirling in my head for quite some time. My husband and I were small business owners for 22 years, and before that, I was an outside sales rep for the corrugated industry. My years in the business field go back aways when there was an understood idea that how you conducted yourself in business situations mattered.

It was part of who you were and being honest and ethical transcended and you developed that reputation and clients knew you were trustworthy. That is how I came to be the person I am today. All the choices and…

We just purchased a new home, well definitely not new it’s 22 years old and a fixer-upper. And as the money keeps flowing out, I have to say we are enjoying seeing the progress. It’s bringing us back to our first house we purchased over 25 years ago. Back then, as first-time home buyers we put $4K down we wanted that house so much it was $71K and it seemed like $500K. But we got it and that purchase would pave the way to where we are now.

House partially hidden by trees
House partially hidden by trees
Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

Fast forward 28 years and we have owned more than 12 different…

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I recently permanently deleted my personal Facebook page once and for all.

Over the last decade, I had done this twice before and came back both times because I had a small business and was told by many that I needed to have my business on the platform. We owned 2 brick and mortar stores and relied on every bit of free advertising we could get so I begrudgingly reentered the trap.

I transitioned slowly back into the app mindlessly scrolling seeing friends and families' posts about their lives, beliefs, and where they liked to eat. Facebook definitely was a…

Me Painting My Window Trim Dark
Me Painting My Window Trim Dark
Me Painting My Window Trim Dark

I have been specifying paint colors for over 20 years and I have seen a lot of trends come and go. For that reason, I always strive to ensure my plans are as classic as possible. Sometimes a client insists on doing something out of the box, and I always make sure they realize that they may want to repaint sooner rather than later.

When it comes to exteriors, however, I really am more insistent to them that it is best do something that will “stand the test of time”. Currently, all the rage is white farmhouse style with dark…

Thinking About Painting your Brick? Here Are Some Things to Consider

One of My Limewash Brick Projects Using Romabio

For the past 5+ years, this has been my most frequently asked question or dilemma for a homeowner. So I thought I would provide some insight as a Color Consultant and a former Paint store owner. I always give my clients recommendations on not only Color but the right product to use.

So, you see all the new higher-end homes being built with painted brick exteriors as well as so many beautiful transformations on Pinterest and you love the look. You have a nice traditional home or considering buying one that has a not so desirable color of brick. It’s…

We see clients struggling with this ever-important debate frequently and often for our clients it becomes a huge dilemma. They often get paralyzed by what to choose.

The kitchen island has historically been that piece of cabinetry where an accent color could make sense. There was a time that black distressed was very popular and it made the kitchen POP, but do we want POP anymore??

What size is the island?

This is the first thing that will help determine if a different color from the main cabinets is a good idea, the size of the island. Is it large or small, can your family…

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

I have been an architectural Color Consultant for over 20 years. And what does that entail, you ask? Basically, I help clients design their space by creating a color palette for all of the surfaces to be painted. As important, I also provide the paint schedule to include finishes, and products for their home’s interior and exterior. Choosing paint colors, if you have ever dealt with this nightmare (my clients’ words) it can be challenging. I always tell my clients, I anguish so you don’t have to.

My expertise is quite specific and important because once the color palette is…

Rebecca Dumas

Former Small Business Owner, Color & Design Consultant, Social Media/Blogger, Amateur Photographer, Airbnb Superhost, Lowcountry Life, Vegan, Living Simply

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